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A video recording studio in a restaurant


Social Entrepreneur: Gig Hitao

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Musical entertainment, jam sessions, poetry, oral histories, parties, chess games and holiday dinner events were open to the public and recorded here at the studio in this cafe. Editing of the raw images into final products was also done in the cafe while patrons watched the computer processing on the big TV screen, and ate meals and drank fresh drinks.

The studio produced DVDs and uploaded videos to the Internet.

There were many more ideas and plans in the works.

Sometimes this was a popular place to be and to be seen!

The cafe was located in historic, downtown Oakland, California.

Video Spark Cafe was a social enterprise.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is any organization, for profit or nonprofit,
that uses its income and resources to promote a social cause.

Video Spark Cafe was conceived to help support a violence prevention program
called Truce Declared.

The Truce Declared program started in 2006 in Sonoma County
and expanded to the East Bay in 2009.

To go to the Truce Declared website, click here:

Truce Declared

Call the director of Video Spark Productions at (707) 578-3235.